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Hi, I'm not really sure but I think there's a bug regarding coal mine, maybe more mines for all i know. I've explored and found a coal reserve, and then built a coal mine on top of it, problem is I didn't have the resources for it, so I cancelled the mine to build some other stuff, but the reserve was gone..and now I have to look for another reserve from the start.

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Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:31 am. Miner Dave. Mining era in the 5th district of Anthracite coal. dirtydeeble67. 4. 32215. Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:49 am. dirtydeeble67. Eight local coal fires still burning, DEP records state.

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There wasn't a lot of bord and pillar work in the UK coal mining industry Lannie, mostly longwalls, I dare say the majority of fellers on this site have only been in longwall mining. My first bord and pillar mine was in gypsum, where we drilled the faces with twin boom Secoma rigs and fired down on the solid.

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The Indonesian coal industry is rather fragmented with only a few big producers and many small players that own coal mines and coal mine concessions (mainly in Sumatra and Kalimantan). Since the early 1990s, when the coal …

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The first coal from Svalbard to the mainland was in 1899, so it would fit quite nicely into the game to have coal mines in the cold north. Make it a big research discovery or something that makes it possible to make a gold mine to a coal mine. It would also be nice if the research center could do research for the passage. Now it feel more detached from the game than before.

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Re: Ural Mining Operations - 1941-1945. "By 1945 in the Molotov coal trust women made up one third of workers (about 10 thousand), 1160 of them being 14-17 years old, and additional 56 were below 14. Total number of teenagers of both genders reached 3800 (more than 10% of all workers)"

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Imported Hand Fired Coal Stoves Using Anthracite. Very popular in the 70's and 80's there is many brands of smaller hand fired coal stoves from many European countries. These can also date back to the turn of the last century. Imported stoves would include such brands as Franco Belge, Saey and Efel among many others.

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Nope, today even worse. 1 minute (about 60 proofs) from every single mob, then 20 min of nothing, then 1 minute again... got ~200 proofs in 1 hr.

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Bad luck Sparrow, 2 miles underground. by Fisherman. 421. 15. 12/14/2020 10:24PM. Last Post by paul-neath.

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Why attend: • Meet over 900 people from the entire coal supply-chain of which around 120 are end user buyers. • Be in the right place at the right time to negotiate better deals and find new business for your company. • Network with the key global coal professionals under one roof: Government, miners, buyers, traders, shipping, financing ...

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77 Miyor Pratama Coal (B3) 78 Muara Sari (C4) 79 Nusa Riau Kencana Coal (B3) 80 Panaikang Prima Coal (F3) 81 Pandu Aro Pacific (B3) 82 Paramitha Cipta Sarana (E3) 83 Patria Energi Biotama Jabar (C4) 84 Pengembangan Investasi Riau (B3) 86 Pipit

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Germany is turning its old mines into tourist hotspots. Germany's energy transition is slowly taking shape. Set in the foothills of mountains, surrounded by greenery and dotted with buzzing cafés, visitors to Germany's Lusatian Lake District may have little idea of the scarred landscape beneath the peaceful waters.

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TURA, Jan 14: The Constitutional Rights Forum (CRF) on Friday alleged the illegal extraction of coal taking place in South Garo Hills and sought the immediate halt to the transportation of the mineral which allegedly is being allowed by the district Administration.. In its complaint to the Meghalaya Chief Secretary, the forum called for action against the …

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Coal - Forge Entrance -14 152 -43 with 14 blocks - just /warpforge Coal - Far Reserve Crane (at the base) -104 182 113 with 16 blocks (a lot more if you move) - This one takes some time to get to and might be hard. First go to -68 206 -54 at Upper Mines, follow the trail until you see the crane, then jump.

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The property is within an area where Coal has been mined below or within a zone of influence that includes the property. In total 2 seams have been worked, of these 0.00 percent are at shallow depths. 100.00 percent are at moderate depths and 0.00 percent are at considerable depths. This mining was last active in 1925.

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The Alamjaya Bara Pratama (ABP) coal mine is an open-pit mine, operated by PT Alamjaya Bara Pratama, owned primarily by Silvi Agustina, with a capacity of 4 million tonnes-per-annum (MTPA) in Loa Kulu, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

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I feel like the Coal Mine requiring 250 Artisans is a bug. I feel like it should require 250 Workers instead. This may have been an oversight. The Coal Mine production chain opens up with the Workers tier along with Steel Beam and Soap production. In order to get to the Artisan Tier to unlock the Coal Mine you have to have Soap Production that requires a Rendering …

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"Welcome to the tenth edition of PwC Indonesia's Mining in Indonesia: Investment and Taxation Guide. Since the Law on Mineral and Coal Mining No. 4 of 2009 (the "Mining Law") was promulgated, various implementing regulations, including a number of amendments, have been issued by the Government in pursuing the goals of the Mining Law.

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Head Office PT Berau Coal Jl. Pemuda No. 40 Tanjung Redeb 77311, Berau Kalimantan Timur PO BOX 114. Tel (62-554) 23400 – (62-21) 7264 778 Fax (62-554) 23465 – (62-21) 7268 289 Email [email protected]

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Sub-board: Welcome to Coal, Colliery and Mining. 10: 17: Chinese Registrations. by John Oct 25, 2014 8:06:13 GMT -5: Suggestions. Add any ideas that would make the forum better. 9: 90: Suggestions and Idea's. by Minutor Apr 6, 2014 11:02:55 GMT -5: Rules. General site rules. 2: 4: Hatfield Main Colliery by ryde1950 May 24, 2019 6:13:04 GMT -5 ...

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GWD1-Q14:That the application of new technology can increase the productivity of existing coal mines is demonstrated by the case of Tribnia's coal industry.Coa ... 41,prep, ChaseDream